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Jun 06

The “Problems” in Contemporary Marriage: What TFR1.29 Tells Us

Yano, Kazue


Mar 06

An Invitation to Encounter our Fragile G*d in the Image of Trees and Female G*d as Incarnated in the Whole of Creation

Shimizu, Yasuko


Jan 06

A Critical Christian Feminist Theology


Schüssler Fiorenza

24 (2)

Oct 05

Holy Life Or Holy War?  The Consequences of Paradise-Lost and Women’s Inequality

Rita Nakashima Brock

23 & 24(1)

Jul 05

● Involvement in a Circle of Asian Women: Participating in


● Dancing Liturgy: Searching for a New Approach to Worship

Uesawa, Nobuko

Arai, Mari

Kikuchi, Emika

21 & 22

Apr 05

● A Model of Feminist Identity Development and Suggestions for Feminist Therapy with Women

● Status of Women in Ekklesia

1)       In Catholic Churches

2)       In Episcopal Churches

3)       In Mukyokai(Non-church Movement)

4)       In UCC

Mori, Hiroko

Iyori, Naoko

Kobayashi, Sachiko

Tada, Yoshiko

Maki, Ritsu

19 & 20

Dec 04

● The Image of Women Missionary in the Second Century —in the Case of the Acts of Thecla

● A Pastor’s Dilemma: How to Be a Minister in the Traditional Church—Shall I Be a Missionary or “the God of Violence”?

Arai, Sasagu

Shirai, Masaki

17 &18

Sep 04

● What Given by the Seminar of Feminist Theology in the Central Theological College(CTC): An Attempt to Restore the Lost Voices of Women

● Liturgy: Seeking a New Form for the Service:

Giving Thanks for Aging


       The Weight of Years is Grace of God

       From Uneasiness and Fear of Getting Older to Thanks

Yamano, Shigeko

Usuki, Midori

Komiya, Ikuko

Yano, Kazue

Arai, Mari


July 04

Women Clergy: in the past, present and future

  Analysis on Current Situation of Women’s Ministry in the United Church of Christ in Japan

● The Deep-Rooted Consciousness of Sexism in Churches of Japan

  From the Scene of Training for Ministry

  Meeting Martha for the First Time—the Johannine Gospel 11:1-12:11

  A Long Way to Become Clergy: A Case Study in Mark

Masuda, Koto

Hamada, Miyako

Kasahara, Yoshihisa

Yamaguchi, Satoko

Kinukawa, Hisako

14 &15

May 04

  Re-reading Ruth through Marriage and the Family

  Theology of Voluntarism

Yano, Kazue

Isshiki, Yoshiko

11 &12

Mar 04

  The Corinthian Women Prophets: Learning from A. C. Wire

● Liturgy: God Calls, I Rise and Walk

Kasahara, Yoshihisa

Usuki, Midori

Komiya, Ikuko

9 & 10

Jan 03

  Dreaming for Equal and Sharing Community: From the Experience of the Women Church Ministry in Korea

  Recovering Miriam

Chung, Sook Ja

Phyllis Trible

7 & 8

Jun 02

  Questioning ‘Word of God’s Judgment and Sexual Violence: Reconsidering the Sexual Expression of the Prophets from a Gender Perspective’

● Initial Question: Galilee in Jesus’ Time: Women and Men in the Farm Village

Arai, Eiko

Yamaguchi, Masahiro

5 & 6

Apr 02

● “Womb” Metaphor of Compassion

--- Thinking about God’s Motherhood—

● Liturgy: Let us Celebrate Together---In Search of a New Liturgy

Takayanagi, Tomio

Yano, Kazue

Fushii, Maki

Tsuchiya, Akiko,

Komiya, Ikuko


July 01

Questioning “God the Father”

  Rich Images and Metaphors for God: as Found in the Hebrew Scripture

  Divine Metaphors in the Biblical Context: The Christian Testament

  Arai Osui’s Father-Mother God: Some Feminist Reflection

● Some Thoughts on the Metaphor “Chichi-Haha” (Father-Mother) in the Inclusive Bible(Japanese Version)

Kinukawa, Hisako

Yamaguchi, Satoko

Daniel Corl

Arai, Sasagu

2 & 3

Sep 02

Reading the Creation Stories from a Feminist Perspective

What Kind of Woman was Mary of Magdalene?

Yamaguchi, Satoko

Kinukawa, Hisako


Jun 00

Inaugural Celebration

● Opening Words

● The Center’s Progress and Purpose

● The First Soup

● Three Wishes

● Rising to a Tough Challenge

● A New Encounter with the Historical Jesus

Kinukawa, Hisako

Yamaguchi, Satoko

Fushii, Maki

Arai, Sasagu

Yano, Kazue

Takayanagi, Tomio