The Center is composed of multiple circles: members, overseas special supporters, a serving committee, and co-directors.

Membership is open to all who share the basic stance stated above and will support the activities. The broad circles of members will support the Center by paying annual membership fees as well as by taking parts in its activities. Members are entitled to receive newsletters and discounts on workshop fees and published materials.

The smaller circle of the serving committee, which includes the co-directors, will serve to promote the Center's activities and respond to the interests of its members. The serving committee consists of those members who (1) acknowledge the importance of the Center, (2) give priority to participating in the Center's activities, and (3) provide practical support by offering creative ideas and constructive criticism as well as utilizing and providing available resources and talents.

The circle of overseas supporters provides cooperative assistance such as donating copies of their publications and exchanging information.

As stated, the Center consists of various participants who form overlapping multiple circles. We would like to invite all who share our hopes to join us, each in one's own way of participation, so that members with different talents from diverse contexts and situations may work together.